About us

We are professionals dedicated to our customers success on the internet. To achieve such a goal, we employ only top talents with top educational background. That's why our clients feel comfortable to depend on creating and applying their online marketing strategy. Shortly, why to choose us?

  • We focus on creating value/conversion to our customers
  • We improve our services continiously to serve our customer better
  • We focus on international market, rather then local market
  • We are located in the Istanbul where east meets west. That means we born to be multinational and understand different needs of our customers
  • We employ only top talents with good educational background. We are working with designers / programmers / e-business experts around the world

Agency President

Selim KOC

Education : Bogazici University (Istanbul) & Waseda University (Tokyo)

Specialties : Software Development & E-learning & E-marketing

Interests :Photography & Kendo & Swimming & Japanese Culture


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