Most of our work is web related, and for the first time, we create an e-strategy for the projects's needs, then we design and develop the project to make it real. Then we plan about how to promote it, and keep an eye on the results by analysing and improving results.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We have more then 5 years of experience on seo services. We know:

  1. What we do,
  2. What to do
  3. What not to do
to get better natural search engine visibility.

Website/Conversion Optimization

We believe there is no perfect website on the web. So we improve it, test it, improve it, test it... As a result, customer gets more value out of the same traffic.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are the pages when potential customers click on your ads. Landing pages possibly be your home page / product page / or pages designed dedicatedly to your ads. We design alternative landing pages, and track their achievement. Then use the one which gets best results to get more out of the same ad budget.

Website Design

We create website according to project needs. We design usable, seo in mind, beautiful designs with top talents in Turkey, Europe and Japan. We work with in house and freelance designers according to project needs.

Front End Development

We code standart compliant mark-up. We use xhtml, css, javascript (mostly jquery)

Mobile Website Design and Development

Designing for mobile web is greatest simplification movement on the web. Because of small screens of the mobile devices, effective use of space is a must. We create mobile sites which fits perfectly to iphone & ipod & blackberry and others.

Custom Software Development

We create C# or php based web projects. We also take outsource projects from middle & large scaled software houses.

Theme Creation

We create custome themes for custom developed softwares or open source softwares such as wordpress, drupal, joomla.


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